Family Therapy

The orientation of the Centre in terms of the theoretical approach and methods of practice has changed several times. Several therapeutic approaches are utilized because each family situation is unique. Efforts are made to apply the most appropriate approach for that specific family. The Centre has been at the leading edge of the family therapy field for several years and is continually evolving by exploring, developing, and applying new patterns of therapeutic thought and action.

The emphasis is placed on working with the family group rather than with individuals. The initial task is to define the nature of the problem or concern and clarify how it is embedded in the family system. Thus, all members of the household are usually asked to attend the first interview and each member is encouraged to share her or his view of the problem as well as possible solutions.

After therapy is started, interviews may continue with the whole family or may be arranged for parts of the family. On average, families attend five to eight sessions of about 1.5 hours duration. The time between sessions varies from one to four weeks.

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